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Cocktail Making Classes

Try our new hand-crafted cocktail master class experience hosted by Belfast Bartenders.

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Hen Party Cocktail Classes

If you're looking for fun activities for hen parties then keep reading through, find out about our innovative Cocktail Class challenge. Book a cocktail masterclass with Belfast Bartenders for your hen party and learn how to make your favourite cocktail while spending time with your best friends.

A fantastic fun and interactive cocktail making class for hen weekends birthdays or a girls night out, get behind the bar and make your own cocktails under the watchful eye of the expert bartenders then make shake and drink the cocktails you make. Book your hen party activity with us and impress your friends with a cocktail making class at home or at the best bars in town!

What's included:

  • a fun cocktail bartender to run the class
  • all glassware, equipment and utensils
  • all ingredients, mixers and alcohol
  • participants can enjoy everything they make
  • alcohol-free options with mocktail substitutes available
  • all cocktail making events can contain a competitive format - ask us for more info


Cocktail Classes For Office Parties

Team Building Master Classes

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Team Building Cocktail Classes

Perfect for a casual team get together, ice breaker or celebration, our team building cocktail making classes combines the challenge of learning with the fun of a social night out. Your team will learn how to make delicious, gourmet cocktails that are sure to impress in a full hands on class. With the option to host at your office or at a dedicated location, we can create a cocktail making team bonding experience to suit any occasion.

During these hands on mini courses participants form as part of a team by learning practical skills which will help them to make cocktails at home but also learn to appreciate different ingredients tastes and textures, history and more. They provide an excellent start the on quest for cocktail knowledge!


Mixology Events

By far our most popular cocktail class for team building is the "Ready...Steady...Cocktails" format which see teams of up to 10 - 20 participants per station/instructor, learning different styles of cocktails and what makes them great.

  • Time frame: 1 – 1.5hrs
  • Activity rounds: 5-15mins (you will be making your own drinks)
  • Group size: 10-100 (up to 100 guests per booking max)
  • Venue style: Office, Hotel, Private Cocktail Bar or Function Space

How it works:

  • 10-20 participants make their way to a station forming a team
  • A brief intro participants get straight into making their own shaken cocktail
  • Some history and open ended questions gets everyone thinking and working for their team
  • Teams will form at cocktail stations to go through making several rounds of classic cocktails in a certain time frame as training for creating a cocktail, naming it and providing a good story to present/market their cocktail to the entire group.

Cocktails will be judged in regards to the following criteria and a winner will be picked by the mixologist:

Name, background, method in a good story as presented by a team member
Taste; balance, depth, complexity
Classic or twisted classic cocktails as per below recipes will be accepted into competition